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Choosing Your Wedding Package - Pearls & Poppy Edition

So you just got engaged and you have no idea where to begin. You start calling vendors but you're not sure which ones are just blowing smoke up your... you know what. You don't know how to create your wedding budget and you're just feeling completely and utterly lost. That's where we come in! We have curated these comprehensive packages to make sure every type of bride gets exactly the service they need. All packages are customizable and pricing will fluctuate!

Before you dive into all of these beautiful packages - keep in mind we also include complimentary use of our variety of wedding signs, table numbers, centerpieces, wedding arch for your ceremony, and we'll also throw in our complete wedding guide! Be sure to also visit us at

Pearl Package : Level 1 This package is for the newly engaged couple who are in the daydreaming phase. We will teach you how to set up your wedding budget, distribute it accordingly and where to begin making plans. You tell us your vision and we will begin prescreening local vendors to execute the dream for you! We schedule the appointments with said vendors for you, and you take over from there!

Poppy Package : Level 2 If you only need one coordinator to help you create your day of schedule, set up decor, or assist you during the planning phase but not on the wedding day, this package is for you. This is the "either or" package where you only choose what you need. Please inquire for more details.

Weekend Package: Level 3 This is the package for the couples that need help executing all of the plans they've put in place. We will come in after you have booked your vendors, made up your schedule, and we will handle making everything come to life. We will meet with you the week before your wedding and you hand everything off to us! After that meeting, we will confirm everything with all of your vendors, run your wedding ceremony rehearsal, and we will be there day of to execute your dream day flawlessly! 

Cinderella Package: Level 4 Do you need a wedding fairy godmother the 'month of' your big day? If your wedding is quickly approaching and you still don't have most of your planning done, this is the package for you. We will provide you with vendor referrals, cost saving suggestions and assistance as needed via phone. You take care of booking your vendors. One month before your big day, we will help you create your day of schedule, come with you to final vendor meetings, develop a timeline and checklist of things you need to do, assist with vendor payments, and tie up any loose ends. We coordinate the rehearsal, and send one assistant for the whole day of the wedding.

Ultimate Package: Level 5​ This is our "all hands on deck" package. We will be providing you with our preferred vendor referrals, money saving suggestions and assistance as needed. We will schedule and attend all vendor appointments with you from the very beginning of planning. We will hold your hand in creating your schedule, finalizing details with vendors, developing a final timeline and checklist of things you need to do, distribute final payments, and help make sure every last detail is perfected. We coordinate the rehearsal, and the whole day of your wedding by sending our lead wedding coordinator to be your assistant.

Diamond Package: Level 6 Our diamond package takes being your wedding assistant to a whole new level by providing you with hands on service from the beginning. Our planners  will take everything hands on, providing you with wedding design, preferred vendor referrals, attends all appointments (that you'd like us to be a part of), personalized checklist of all wedding planning tasks for you to handle, vendor contract negotiations, money saving tips, and 24/7 assistance. We can help with numerous other tasks, including managing guest list (RSVP's and meal choices), handling final payments to vendors, and tying up any loose ends. We coordinate the rehearsal, and the whole day of your wedding by sending our lead wedding coordinator to be your assistant.

Pricing is determined based on your needs so please reach out and we can work something out that will fit well with your budget! I'm so excited to share these packages with you and hope to hear from you all soon!


Jenna Barney

Founder of Pearls & Poppy

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