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Enchanting Summer Wedding Color Schemes to Make Your Big Day Pop

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Planning a summer wedding? The warm months are the perfect canvas for fun and vibrant color schemes. From lush greens to whimsical pinks, the possibilities are endless. Here's a charming and quirky guide to some delightful summer wedding color scheme ideas that will make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable.

1. Tropical Fiesta: Coral, Teal, and Gold

Imagine a tropical paradise where the sun kisses the ocean. Coral, teal, and gold are the perfect trio to bring this vision to life. Coral is vibrant and cheerful, teal is refreshing and calming, and gold adds a touch of luxury and sparkle. Picture coral bridesmaid dresses twirling on the dance floor, teal linens fluttering in the summer breeze, and gold accents glinting in the sunlight.

Décor Tips:

- Use coral and teal flowers like dahlias and hydrangeas in your bouquets and centerpieces.

- Add gold details in your table settings and wedding stationery.

- Choose a beach or garden venue to complement this vibrant palette.

2. Whimsical Romance: Blush Pink, Sage Green, and Ivory

For a fairy-tale wedding, blush pink, sage green, and ivory are a dreamy combination. Blush pink whispers romance, sage green brings a fresh, natural vibe, and ivory adds a touch of timeless elegance. Imagine a garden wedding with blush pink roses, sage green eucalyptus leaves, and delicate ivory accents.

Décor Tips:

- Create bouquets with blush pink roses and peonies.

- Use sage green foliage like eucalyptus and ferns to add texture.

- Keep the décor simple with ivory linens and vintage-inspired tableware.

3. Carnival Brights: Fuchsia, Orange, and Yellow

For a couple who loves to stand out, fuchsia, orange, and yellow make a bold statement. This vibrant combo is perfect for a summer wedding, echoing the bright and cheerful season. Think of an outdoor celebration with fuchsia and orange flowers, yellow accents, and a carnival-like atmosphere.

Décor Tips:

- Mix fuchsia, orange, and yellow flowers like roses and marigolds in your arrangements.

- Incorporate bright, colorful linens and playful tableware.

- Add elements like lanterns and string lights to enhance the festive mood.

4. Rustic Delight: Dusty Blue, Peach, and Burgundy

For a rustic yet refined look, consider dusty blue, peach, and burgundy. Dusty blue is soft and calming, peach is warm and inviting, and burgundy adds richness and depth. This charming palette is perfect for a barn wedding or an outdoor venue.

Décor Tips:

- Choose dusty blue table linens and bridesmaid dresses for a serene look.

- Use peach and burgundy flowers, such as roses and dahlias, for your bouquets.

- Incorporate rustic elements like wooden signs, barrels, and lanterns for a cozy feel.

5. Modern Glam: Navy Blue, Gold, and White

For a sleek and modern summer wedding, navy blue, gold, and white are a chic and sophisticated choice. Navy blue exudes elegance, gold adds a touch of glamour, and white keeps the look fresh and crisp. Imagine a stylish wedding with navy blue suits, gold décor accents, and white flowers.

Décor Tips:

- Dress your bridal party in navy blue and white with gold accessories.

- Use gold details in your table settings, such as chargers and cutlery.

- Opt for white flowers with greenery to keep the look clean and modern.

6. Enchanted Garden: Lavender, Green, and White

Embrace the charm of a summer garden with a color scheme of lavender, green, and white. Lavender adds a whimsical touch, green brings the freshness of nature, and white keeps the palette light and airy. This combination is perfect for an outdoor wedding in a garden or vineyard.

Décor Tips:

- Use lavender flowers like lilacs and lavender stems for a fragrant touch.

- Incorporate lots of greenery, such as ferns and ivy, to create an enchanted garden feel.

- Keep the décor simple with white linens and delicate, fairy-tale details.


Choosing the right color scheme for your summer wedding can transform your special day into a truly enchanting experience. Whether you go for a bold and vibrant palette or something more whimsical and romantic, these color combinations will ensure your wedding is both charming and unforgettable. Consider your venue, the season, and your unique style to find the perfect match. Happy planning!

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