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About Pearls & Poppy, Wedding & Event Consultants

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to Pearls & Poppy's blog page. I'm so excited to have you here on our blog. I have been dreaming about the day all of this would go live for a while now. Well now we can pop the bubbly because... HERE I AM! I want you all to know us and trust my company with all of your wedding and event needs. So how are you going to do that without knowing about the company itself? I'm here to formally introduce you to the newest and greatest event company to ever come to the Greater Dayton area - Pearls & Poppy.

Why the name - Pearls and Poppy?

I am a Gemini born in June and my birthstone (the pearl) is something I've always loved! For those of you that don't know, the pearl symbolizes purity, loyalty, and wisdom gained through experience. I knew that pearls were going to be a part of my company somehow, so why not in the name? Poppy just happened to "pop" up in my mind and after finding out what a pink poppy symbolizes, I was sold. Extravagance, luxury, and beauty - everything a wedding should be described as.

Why now? Isn't there a pandemic going on?

Well... yeah there is a virus going around that hinders us from having events but if not now then, when? Events are something I'm EXTREMELY passionate about and I'm not going to let a pandemic get in the way of my dreams. I grew up in a family of all entrepreneurs. My dad, brother, both sets of grandparents, and numerous cousins have all successfully started their own companies and have made quite a name for themselves in the process. The drive to succeed is in my blood and I will not settle for less. After being laid off from a high-end venue in the Dayton area due to the pandemic, I was either "over-qualified" or "not what they're looking for" when applying to jobs that would simply pay the bills and not fulfill any dreams of mine. I took this as God's way of telling me it was my time to shine. So, thank you, COVID-19 for allowing me to finally follow my dreams.

So, what now?

As of today (September 15, 2020), I'm ready to take on weddings and be there to help any type of bride there is. Yes, I'm here to have a successful company but I also am here to change the lives of people who are in need of a skillset that I have - making things beautiful. I want to work with all types of brides! Brides who have been put through the ringer with the pandemic - send them to me. Brides who have no concept of a budget and want to just show up - send them to me. Brides who are extremely money conscious and need some assistance on where to begin - SEND THEM TO ME! I realize that many people don't have the passion for putting an event together. Planning a wedding is probably the biggest event that most people have ever planned. Why are they expected to know where to begin?

I hope that now that you know a bit more about my mission to help people have the happiest day of their lives will help you to recommend Pearls & Poppy to your friends, family, colleagues, shoot - even your cashier at the grocery. The wedding industry is pushed through word of mouth. Every time you think of Pearls & Poppy, I hope you smile after knowing a bit more about the story and reason I started this adventure.

Have a blessed day!

XO - Jenna Barney

Founder of Pearls & Poppy


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